How the pills to increase intelligence work?

Is it possible to feed a brain with some special food to make it smarter? Scientists have always laughed at the idea. But, now there is no insurance of itself. It is true that your brain does not have the fastest speed when it is expelled on certain fuels. New scientific findings indicate that brain power can be intensified by ingesting pills to increase intelligence. These pills are not stimulants, but they are concentrates of certain nutrients.pills to increase intelligence work

Discovery of the pills to increase intelligence

You eat every day. Let’s look at the strange story of a particular brain. It was not very good functioning brain. In fact, it belonged to a fourteen-year-old mentally handicapped child, who had an IQ of 42 (the average IQ is 100). Each year, the child grew twelve months older, but his mental age increased only four and a half months. He continued to run an intelligence deficit. He then fed on small white pills, a dozen and a half a day. At the end of two months his mental age jumped ahead one year and five months. Sixty days of brain pills and their mental age increased as much as they had in the last five years. The only food for thoughts that the child has consumed was the single ingredient: glutamic acid.

You may have taken some glutamic acid in the last time you ate. It is made from the following elements: water, fat and minerals, and what is most important – proteins. Now, protein molecules are immensely complex, but consist of infinitely varied combinations of some substances in two simpler ways known as amino acids. Glutamic acid is one of them. It can be obtained as such from food. However, your body can also manufacture, break down and reassemble other amino acids. Therefore, it is not considered indispensable. However, it seems to have a surprising ability to allow brain tissue to hit all cylinders.

Science continues to seek the complete answer. But it is known that glutamic acid is the only amino acid that can be oxidized directly by brain tissue. In this measure it is a specific food of the brain. The theory is that glutamic acid increases the rate at which acetylcholine, a potent chemical essential for nerve activity. And nerve activity, as far as the brain is concerned, is a synonym for thought.

Pills to increase intelligence

Electrical properties of the brain of glutamic acid have been discovered recently, but things in themselves have been known for a long time. In fact, one of its sales is rather widely used as a seasoning in some regions, because of its pleasant taste. The acid owes its name back in 1866 when it was isolated from wheat gluten. Animals grow equally well and glutamic acid is provided in dietary proteins or not. Their role of booster for the brain, however, is highlighted by the fact that when patients stop taking back to their old intellectual level.

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