Lear how to exercise the mind in 5 steps?

An hour of mental exercise increases thinking and allows you to experience new stimuli that can make you smarter, more creative and more energetic. One of the ingredients that are considered at the moment of exercising the mind is to nourish it of information of interest and to make new changes in the way you think. Here we bring you how to exercise the mind in 5 steps and achieve a greater power of concentration.how to exercise the creative mind

Reflect your belief system

All the life decisions you make are based on a belief system. Start by making a list of beliefs and ask yourself why you believe in them. Then ask yourself if you can imagine being yourself if you believe in it.
It is recommended from that list of beliefs to use one per week, which makes this your belief system is unique. An open mind feels totally comfortable with differences, and has the power to see which is fit is best for you.

Give limits to your body

When you give the body new limits you can learn to know more about yourself. Walk back through the house to get a different perspective on your completely new environment, but remember that you do not have to fall. Touch your toes, work on it or try something that completely removes your comfort zone.

Stimulate vision

Looking at an abstract art gallery can provoke stimuli and induce you to think new things, look at sets you never thought to see or try any type of activity you never thought you could do, but, you feel the ability that your brain can solve without any problems.

Stimulate your ears

Listen to music you never thought you could listen to, like classical music, rap, rock, trance, metal and more. You do not have to like it at first, but if you have a totally open mind and the worst noise in the world will disturb your ears. Listen to a radio station that you do not normally listen to or use any type of online player. Try it and you will see that your brain will be ready for any kind of sound.

Remember that the BrainPlus IQ is a natural medicine that will help you gain greater concentration power. In these concentration exercises and you will get a totally open mind and ready to any situation and the best yet that has no side effects.

How to exercise the mind reading articles

Look for articles on the internet that help make your mind a little more open. Consider those lifestyles you never thought you would see such as: Communism, Anarchy, Green Party and Conservatism. Each has its own distinct history and level of beliefs and thoughts distinct.

An open mind is achieved by thinking that we can perform any type of activity, without any limit. Simply you need to believe in yourself and consume products that help us achieve a higher level of concentration as is the Brain Plus IQ.

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