What are the benefits of taking niacin?

Niacin is a general term for a family of compounds with vitamin B3 activity. The terms niacin and vitamin B3 may be used interchangeably. The basic types of vitamin B3 include nicotinamide, nicotinic acid and various active enzymatic forms, each of which can be obtained from food.

In research studies, nicotinamide is used as a measurement standard for the calculation of vitamin B3. Its activity is associated with each form of niacin. This vitamin has many health benefits. It is necessary to ingest it daily as it is vital for the correct functioning of some organs.niacin benefits

What is niacin for?

One of the main functions is to increase blood flow. It also relaxes the arteries causing them to expand more and more blood flow. This way you get better circulation throughout the body and especially in the penis of a man. So, it is recommended for men who have erection problems. It is a natural and effective way to have more powerful erections.

You may have heard the term “pellagra”, and if you associate this term with problems with diet and nutrition, you are right. Pellagra is the name of a disease characterized by deficiency of nutrients and mainly deficiency of vitamin B3. It took a long time for the health community to recognize that dietary changes as simple as adding animal foods and legumes to a meal plan could help prevent pellagra.

Between 1900 and 1940, many people were killed by an epidemic of pellagra derived from poverty and malnutrition. This epidemic was erroneously attributed to several possible causes, including infection. It was also the main reason for the measures taken to enrich foods such as flour with niacin.

Consumption of enriched wheat flour, however, is not entirely necessary for the intake of adequate niacin. It is likely that your diet has the recommended daily amount of B3 if you have a varied diet.

Food where niacin is found

Good sources of niacin come from many different food groups. The healthiest foods that contain large amounts of this vitamin are: chicken, tuna, turkey, and mushrooms. Legumes, particularly peanuts and peas, also contribute large amounts. Another important source is the seeds like those of sunflower, chia and sesame. Today, seeds are being used more in diets.

It is preferable to keep a hand of these seeds and add it to all meals. The good thing is that they do not alter the taste of the food and also provide many necessary nutrients. The ideal is to eat them without cooking, because the heat can alter their properties. Niacin can also be consumed by taking some dietary supplement, but it is advisable to do so, under the supervision of a doctor. The overdose of this vitamin is released by urine and does not have many side effects.

The health-nutrition relationship

There is a close relationship between nutrition and health. It happens that modern life, plagued with junk food, presents a problem of lack of nutrition. They have lots of oils and carbohydrates, but few vitamins and minerals. The lack of these ingredients, are those that produce a garma of problems ranging from weight gain, to onset of diseases. Therefore, we must provide the daily food with the greatest variety of nutrients. Among them is niacin. It is essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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